About Us

Adhaar center was born in November 2006, in 2nd floor of one of the factory halls owned by Sevak Maddi Reddy. Over the next 4 years the trust progressively built teachers and infrastructure. Currently the center operates out of a plot owned and operated by the VFEEL Trust.

At present there are around 25 students who are learning under the loving guidance of the Special teachers of Adhaar School.  The staff comprises of:


Our Approach

Adhaar's Vision

To begin with there were only seven students and the parents who approached us for admission literally cried and said “we have lost all hopes in life as these children are a burden to us!” We were deeply touched by the plight of these parents and aspired to bring a smile on the face of these parents. Thus we came up with vision of “training these special people and equip them with enough skills to carry out means of employment and grow into interdependent individuals”.

Our Story

Adhaar's Mission

To fulfill our vision we took up the mission of training these special people in ADLs (Activities of daily living) like: eating, bathing, dressing, cleaning and so on. Once these children learn these preliminary skills they are put on vocational training in Cocoon craft and Fine arts. We have planned to diversify the vocational training by introducing additional development programs like carpentry to begin with.


Acharya Vinay Vinekar

The founding trustee who conducts personality development courses.  He has dedicated his life for the mission of service for humanity. He has founded SEVAK organization in India & abroad. Adhaar is his pet project which he started to care for and nurture the special people.


Managing trustee who is visually impaired. She lost her eyesight due to unguided scientific experimentation during her earlier scientific career. Then she met Acharya Vinay Vinekar who inspired and guided her in leading a meaningful life in spite of her disability.

Maddi Reddy

Civil Engineer by qualification and a businessman by profession, who runs a silk twisting factory. When he was over burdened by stress and strain of professional life, he took up Power With-in Programme (Basic Class) and advanced courses conducted by Acharya Vinay Vinekar. This brought about a change in him to find health and happiness in his life. He also developed a service motto and decided to be one of the trustee of VFEEL trust

Babu Reddy

A civil contractor who was inspired by Acharya’s courses and to take up service to these special people.

Rajashekar R

A manufacturer of water purifier units. He decided to support his cousin Babu Reddy and bring an awareness in the minds of the business men to serve these special people.


A house wife and mother of one of the student in the center. Inspired by the work being done by Amrutavalli and the changes she observed in her child, she decided to support this organization.